Customers like shopping from manufacturers and they take this opportunity to enjoy social contact.

The direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach is becoming increasingly significant, especially during the Corona virus pandemic. The approach is about a direct relationship between manufacturers and their end customers. Products and services are sold directly through online shops, social media, or brick-and-mortar stores. At the same time, manufacturers are recognizing the potential that direct contact with customers can have

According to the 2021 Consumer Barometer published by the IFK Köln (Trade Research Institute) and KPMG, those manufacturers that use a D2C approach can react to changes in the market more quickly and effectively due to their close and direct relationship with their customers. End customers, on the other hand, see an advantage in the availability and the authenticity of the products.

These are advantages for the manufacturers that customers can benefit from.

In one way or another, D2C offers manufacturers a chance to develop a deeper relationship with customers. Here at xalution we support our customers so that they can implement the D2C approach in a consequent and professional way, and we provide variable solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Besides classic ERP processes, a 360° vision when it comes to customers is essential in distribution and sales. Customer service quality can also be significantly optimized and developed further through portals, electronic assistants, or activities focused on target groups.

Would you like a more professional integration of the D2C approach for your company? We would love to support you. Get in touch with us directly!