xalution delivers the customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Retail & Wholesale

xalution Germany | Switzerland offers agile Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for retail & wholesale – regardless of whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, a medium-sized company or an international player.

xalution ist der Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner für agile ERP-, Supply Chain- und Finance & Operations-Lösungen

Retail & Wholesale

Create perfect customer experiences

With our solution, companies in the wholesale and retail sectors can have a customized environment to consistently provide personalized and seamless shopping experiences for their customers.

Create a customer journey as effective as possible and keep track of all touch points.

Key Benefits für Retail & Wholesale

  • A more modern retail experience thanks to user-friendly applications
  • Personalized and seamless retail experiences with integrated back-office procedure
  • Consistent Customer interaction over all online and offline channels (seamless shopping)
  • Better customer journey and customer retention thanks to efficient use of data
  • Transformation of the distribution processes thanks to AI-controlled tools, an improved customer experience and ROI
  • Complete customer overview thanks to a unified and cross-channel e-commerce solution

Showcase unified commerce in a grand style!
Unify back-office, in-store, call-center, and e-commerce experiences to personalize customer interactions, increase employee productivity, and optimize store operations.

Integrated and Unified:

  • Native support for omni-channel shopping
  • Fast development and improvement of business experiences
  • Single view of customers on all channels

Operational Flexibility:

  • Fast scalability thanks to flexible store solution
  • Modern retail tools to support employees
  • Centralized management of retail procedures


  • Comprehensive customer information; personalized and automated recommendations
  • More conversion thanks to intelligent product searches
  • Fast order processing thanks to intelligently distributed order management

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