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x4fashion suite

The x4fashion suite is a concept-to-consumer solution . It is embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management platform and specifically devised to fulfill the unique and demanding requirements of the fashion and clothing industry.

This solution offers the fashion and clothing industry a customized environment that provides access and control over all processes and distribution channels in real time.

Lay a foundation for the future!

  • Insight and control into every process and over every distribution channel.
  • These customized tools increase agility and productivity
  • A whole new level of business successthanks to perfectly tailored business processes.
  • Future-oriented industry solutions that meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • More agility and productivity plus shorter time-to-market periods.
  • A better customer journey and higher customer loyalty thanks to an efficient use of data and omni-channel planning.
  • Out-of-the-box fashion functionality: no comprehensive back-end configuration, a shorter implementation cycle, and a faster ROI
  • Higher warehousing speed thanks to more accurate projections and automation of inventory management.
  • Higher sales per surface and channel thanks to intelligent AI

Modules and Possible Applications

Product Data Management
Keep track of things everywhere and at any point—from model data to appointments.

Supply Chain Management
Modernize your supply chain by using modern warehousing and inventory management to improve order processing, material acquisition, and logistics.

Retail Management
Control every business process at retail spaces in a transparent and efficient way.

Warehouse Logistics
Optimize your warehouse control system and meticulously manage large product ranges and orders of variable amounts.

Omni-Channel Planning
Keep an eye on your goals. Engaging your customers through different channels will enable a better customer journey and higher customer fidelity.

Give your retail strategy more flexibility and make e-commerce easier and more successful!

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