xalution delivers the perfect Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for the supply chain

xalution Germany | Switzerland offers agile Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for the supply chain – regardless of whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, a medium-sized company or an international player.

xalution ist der Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner für agile ERP-, Supply Chain- und Finance & Operations-Lösungen

Supply Chain

A Flexible Supply Chain Anticipates Failures

Modernize your supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365–from order processing through material procurement to logistics.

Our flexible and expandable solution offers advanced warehousing and inventory management perfectly customized for the logistics industry.

Key Benefits for Logistics Companies

  • Interconnected and reliable supply chain to ensure business continuity and reducing costs
  • Optimal inventory transparency through real-time inventory overviewacross all channels
  • Simpler procurement processes thanks to automation of scheduling and inventory management
  • Higher inventory turnover rate thanks to more accurate projections
  • Faster product market maturity thanks to faster reactions to problems and changes
  • AI-supported demand projections and on-time delivery thanks to real-time planning
  • Improvement in automation of inventory and logistics through predictive analytics
  • Intelligent manufacturing processes thanks to predictive technologies, IoT, and Mixed Reality: they improve output, quality, and delivery and they reduce costs
  • Preventive maintenance for maximal useful life cycle of machines, reduced equipment downtime, and better general OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Process and function-related out-of-the-box dialogs (MDC = mobile data collection) without individual programming
  • Automatic generation of tasks; reduce the administrative effort (warehouse)
  • Intelligent replenishment thanks to replenishment scenarios
  • Supply, distribution, and purchasing plans reflect real conditions.
  • Market demand forecasting based on machine learning algorithms

Optimize Your Logistics!

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