Complete your projects efficiently and on target.

Software projects don’t have to be expensive and take forever. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 scalable solutions, even small and medium-sized companies have the possibility to use modern software solutions.

Your advantage? No high-cost hardware and software maintenance so personnel are kept free for useful business tasks.

Faster success and useful results

Start small and use the agile “Pay-as-you-Go” model. This way you only pay for the services you actually need ensuring maximum upward scalability.

Many Disciplines — One Goal:
The success of your Company

Your company’s success depends on processes and how these are organized. xalution has many years of experience in process analysis, process design, and industry-specific disciplines to help you drive this goal forward.

Process Consulting

Technological developments make it necessary to adapt and optimize processes to stay competitive. We can support you in meeting conception-related and theoretical ideal specifications on location.

Process analysis

Our team will help you assess and formulate your needs. Together, we will find an individual solution adapted to your company and its processes so that you can become more flexible and efficient.

Process Optimization

xalution will support you to optimize your company’s processes and increase its performance. As specialists in business applications with classic solutions for CRM, ERP and BI, we can perfectly adapt current systems to your company’s processes.

Software Consulting & ‑evaluation

We can offer consulting in business software solutions for the areas of ERP, CRM and BI. You can get your solutions on premise or as a cloud version. Needless to say, we also evaluate software already in use.

Software implementation & -support

xalution is your full-service partner down to the Go-live moment and beyond! We offer support for software solutions already in use, as well as its add-ons. We guarantee constant competent support, both technical and process-related.

Software Development

Our experienced consultants, developers, and database specialists will support you in making your business even more profitable! With our development services we implement your individual requirements for software solutions.

x4sip – xalution for success in projects

Every project is different, just like our customers. To ensure a successful project, we apply our Project-Framework x4sip: xalution for project success. X4sip can help any project to a speedy start based on best practices and sound project management know-how.

Using agile methods that ensure a quicker start, the project’s trajectory can be immediately influenced. Work processes can be designed more efficiently and mistakes can be identified and corrected earlier. This will ensure quicker results individually adapted to customers and to the users’ needs.

For business-software projects we often use a hybrid approach, i.e., a combination of agile and classic procedures. The x4sip Framework provides the possibility for this method, and our customers get quick, tangible, and high-quality results documented clearly.

“We are not reinventing the wheel, but we improve every component to get the best driving features.”

Since 2017, xalution has been one of the internationally leading, certified Microsoft Partners and has thus reached the highest partner level of Microsoft. Through this partnership, we can offer our customers the entire powerful Microsoft product range and associated services. Our consultants always advise you at the highest and most up-to-date level and have a profound understanding of the MS platform and business processes.

xalution ist der Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner für agile ERP-, Supply Chain- und Finance & Operations-Lösungen

“xalution is one of few partners that offer its customers stable and future-proof solutions thanks to its integrated view.

This works well because of a constant cycle of employee training, as well as their experience in many demanding projects.“

Tobias Endl, CEO

Top Level Microsoft Partnership

The Top Level Partnership enables fast decision-making together with Microsoft. By establishing your own IT ingfrastructure, you save maintenance and work costs and no development is necessary.

Stay flexible thanks to a sturdy environment that adapts to flexible business strategies and use Cloud Applications for location-independent work. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP functions in applications that work seamlessly with each other in every area. – Integrate Island systems into one unified platform!

We configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 according to your business model and build the necessary flexibility into it for growth. The individually scalable business solutions enable agile project management leading to a quick and efficient GoLive.

Specialized consultants for various industries and processes

With xalution you can reach your goal more quickly and easily and can create really future-proof and changeable solutions for your industry.

For your project we put together interdisciplinary teams made up of experienced consultants with specific industry knowledge and best-practice skills. Because the best results require a profound grasp of the business processes necessary for your success.

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xalution offers the perfect digital solution and the whole powerful Microsoft 365 environment plus every additional service.