xalution delivers the customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for the fashion & sports industry

xalution offers agile Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for fashion & sports in Germany, Switzerland & Eastern Europe – regardless of whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, a medium-sized company or an international player.

xalution ist der Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner für agile ERP-, Supply Chain- und Finance & Operations-Lösungen

Fashion & Sport

Keep Complete Control

Our x4fashion solution offers companies in the fashion and sport attire industries constant access and control over every process and distribution channel in real time.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, a medium-sized company or an internationally active player–with the x4fashion suite you have the whole supply chain under control.

Key Benefits for the Fashion & Sports Industry

  • „Next Level“ of business success thanks to perfectly tailored business processes
  • Future-oriented, and industry-specific solutionfor tomorrow’s challenges.
  • More agility and productivity, plus shorter time-to-market periods.
  • Better customer journey and higher customer loyalty thanks to an efficient use of data and comprehensive omni-channel planning.
  • The Out-of-the-Box-functionality: no extensive back-end configuration, shorter implementation cycles, and a faster ROI
  • Higher inventory turnover rate thanks to more accurate projections and automation of scheduling and inventory management
  • Higher sales per surface and channel thanks to intelligent AI

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