xalution offers career opportunities for young people: new colleagues – whether young or old – are involved in our team from the first day on and are motivated to enrich our daily work routine with their skills and acquired knowledge. We value the fact that our interns get to know our processes intensively during their internship and familiarize themselves with our customers and our corporate philosophy. Robert joined xalution a few years ago as an intern to gain professional experience – now he pitches his tents for the long term since he has established himself as a business consultant.


“I am involved in many different projects and can also choose for myself in which direction I want to develop.”


Robert, you have been a constant member of the xalution team since 2017. When you look back at your start at xalution as an intern, who are you today compared to then?
Before I joined xalution, I was a pure computer scientist in development. I was on my own with my work up to a certain point. I did not know for whom exactly I was doing the work and I did not have the feeling that I was doing something important, because I never saw the result. Since I am working for xalution this is different. Here I entered management consulting and thus started to deal with business processes. I am in direct contact with customers, reading and working my way into processes and receiving direct customer feedback.

How can you apply your theoretical knowledge from your computer science studies on the job and turn it into practical solutions?
My technical background makes it easier for me to familiarize myself with other processes. For example, I am conversant with topics such as permissions and have experience in development work. So, I can understand the business processes and the work of the customer and how to properly interact with the customer to get a result.

Did you consider self-employment after graduation?
At the beginning of my studies, I already worked independently to finance my studies. I have done development work for companies for tenders. However, I am a person who tends to work overtime already in an employee relationship, which could be my undoing in self-employment. Since I joined xalution, I have thrown this thought overboard anyway, as I can actively contribute to the development of competencies, especially in cloud services. To be fully equipped to cover Microsoft’s offer, we must grow continuously, educate ourselves further and build up competencies in previously unknown areas.

What does xalution offer you that you could not find in the professional world before?
xalution offers me, above all, very varied work from development to IT to consulting. I am involved in many different projects and can also choose for myself in which direction I want to develop. In addition, the team is fantastic. In other companies I have often experienced that there was a very strong competitive thinking among colleagues. Here at xalution, the common goal is that the customer is happy and that we are successful together as a team.

For xalution, hybrid working has been the normal business routine since the company was founded. Talents and opportunities seem to lurk everywhere in a hybrid working world. That is what people increasingly expect from digitalization. How have you been able to make this work for you?
Since we were already working remotely before the pandemic, we have the advantage of being best positioned: We can also support our customers in taking this step without hesitation. Of course, there were also restrictions for us, e.g., that we perform a Go Live 100% remotely instead of on site, but this also worked out well, as we already have a lot of experience in remote work. For me personally, I see a huge advantage in hybrid working alone in that I have a lot more time each day that I can use to further my education because I do not have to travel. In the home office, it is easier for me to organize my tasks. The focus is no longer on how long you sit in the office twiddling your thumbs, but on what you do and what results you deliver.

What perspective do you wish for your future?
I would like to set up an additional team of developers for xalution so that we can provide a more extensive portfolio regarding services in Azure. I would also like to take the lead on this. In addition, I would like to stay in the home office, but also occasionally maintain more personal customer contact. Overall, however, it is difficult to plan ahead – especially in the current situation and our approach to work is in a constant state of flux. But that also makes it interesting, and you learn to deal flexibly with difficult situations.

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