The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the work situation and many people are working from home these days. In times of Corona, it seems, we now have a lot of time to spend with ourselves, and indeed our future. So many young students are asking themselves: What do I want my professional future to look like? And just in these times to start a successful internship seems even more challenging. Today we talk to Kristin, who is studying business administration at the Technical University Georg Simon Ohm in Nuremberg and is finding her way in her internship at xalution despite working remotely.

“It also surprised me, that it was that easy to get in contact with the new colleagues.”

Hello Kristin – How was your first week atxalution?
My first week was filled with interesting meetings, where I learned a lot about how xalution is organized, which projects are currently open and what my main tasks will be. First, it was difficult to get along with all the new software tools, but with the help of my colleagues and my genuine interest, I felt more confident in my work each day. The team welcomed me as an equal right from the beginning and gave me responsibilities with challenging tasks. What impressed me from the very start was the collegial, creative and open-minded working culture at xalution.

Why did you decide to do your internship atxalution?
During my training as an industrial clerk, I was confronted with the processes of an industrial company for the first time. Then, in my studies I heard about the different approaches of project working and especially the agile approach to develop and model processes caught my interest. While looking for a suitable internship, I came across xalution and decided that they fit my interests best. With xalution I can dive deeper in the world of informatics and learn as much as possible.

So,this was not your first job experience. What else have you been doing?
Exactly. After my A-levels, I did an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and went through the typical business departments of a company. There I remained in sales because I really liked the contact with customers and the function of an advisor or a problem-solver. After completing my training, I switched to a pharmaceutical company and had the opportunity to work in an extremely growing market environment with a very exciting product. There I also worked in sales and enjoyed the personal responsibility for a multifaceted working field. What I liked most was the collaboration with international key accounts and the development of an international shipping process for a new product.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the work situation and many colleagues are working from home. How did you manage to establish good contact with them despite this?
It also surprised me, that it was that easy to get in contact with the colleagues. I used the big weekly team meeting to learn, who is responsible for which area of work. This helped me to ask the right person when I had a question to a task or project. Instead of writing messages, people here often use video calls to communicate and clarify different topics. This is a good way to develop an individual relationship between colleagues in times of remote working.

What do you hope to achieve through this internship and your time atxalution?
Overall, I hope to gain an authentic insight into the work of a consultant. I also like that my various tasks really challenge me and give me a deeper view in project working and the functionalities of the MS D365 apps. In the first few months I have learned to work with tools I have never come across before and I hope that this intensive learning will continue until the end of my internship. Of course, I also want to enlarge my network in the working world and show my skills to an attractive employer.

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