There are many traditions, here’s one with a future: what began in 1863 with the shirt’s straight collar has become the common theme running through the successful history of the ETERNA fashion company. This is because with every innovation created by this company steeped in tradition, they have also kept their focus on future-oriented business processes. When they took the important step to go digital, they decided to take xalution on board. In August we began supporting ETERNA with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It took a mere six months to integrate all processes ranging from manufacturing and warehousing to online sales and the distribution of ETERNA’s new everyday masks. The measures constitute the basis for a project that began recently, ETERNA Tech-Stack Project, aimed at integrating every single line and company process into a modern platform in an omni-channel context.

“This year 2020 has especially shown how we must be able to change or expand our range of products. Our everyday masks are the best example,” says Bosse Küllenberg, ETERNA’s CTO. “Our current system environment does not provide sufficient flexibility. Thanks to the new software and the know-how of xalution’s team in the area of fashion, we were able to begin the online sale of our everyday masks on the new platform already in January. Starting now, will be able to respond to market events and our customers’ needs in the future. “

Implementation witha “Start-Up Spirit”

The starting signal for the project was given back in mid-August. While using Microsoft Dynamics 365, a modern platform, ETERNA gets to keep the Best-of-Breed approach it has been using so far. Even when the mid and long-term goal is to replace the complete product and financial management systems used to date, the cooperation mindset between ETERNA and xalution is based on a start-up idea. For this reason, the project team enjoys more freedom than what is usual for ERP projects. In the context of a Greenfield approach, every process regarding the everyday masks business will be integrated rapidly and with maximal agility

into the new, cloud-based ERP platform, for all channels including brick-and-mortar and online business. All this while keeping the Best-of-Breed approach.

xalution CEO Tobias Endl, says “We intentionally crate an open infrastructure to offer industry-specific solutions. That is why at some point during the project we will use the x4fashion, which also includes the K3|fashion solution and is specialized in supporting processes in retail and fashion. “ Through this start-up spirit and the open way of thinking that goes with it, ETERNA has yet another advantage: with every stage of the project ETERNA reaches another intermediate target and creates useful added value. In the example mentioned before, it was the complete integration of a whole product line—the everyday mask—including an online shop into the new Microsoft platform.

With the new solution, ETERNA is now faster, more transparent, and more flexible. The newly created automation possibilities allow for resources to be used more efficiently. This project proves that companies steeped in tradition can live those traditions, but must also think in innovative ways to stay relevant. By integrating future-oriented solutions and using them in optimal ways for its business processes, ETERNA’s quality, innovation, and commitment to its customers is still convincing after almost 160 years. This is where the big advantage lies: ETERNA customers directly benefit from the innovations—from the choice in products and delivery, to the transparency throughout the whole process. It’s an all-roundthe perfect customer journey!