Just in time to begin the year, xalution is adopting a broader strategic approach. By appointing Rudolph Scharping, the experienced consulting and IT services provider is acquiring a proven expert for the public services and health business segments. He completes the high-caliber advisory board membership, which includes two other proven professionals in the areas of retail, e-commerce, and supply chain, Wolfgang Lux and Andreas Oerter.

As both former defense minister and Rhineland-Palatine premier, Scharping contributes a comprehensive knowledge of processes, strategies, and approaches in the most diverse government offices and agencies, from which xalution general manager Tobias Endl expects to gain a better understanding of how the public sector works. “Compared to the rest of Europe,” he says, “Germany is lagging far behind when it comes to the digitalization of public management procedures. This is what a recent study done by Cap Gemini on behalf of the European Commission has shown. We would like to help change this. With our proven process and IT expertise we can implement digital projects on a regional level as well.”

Knowhow in government tasks management

Rudolf Scharping is aware of these difficulties and has been a business consultant in the private sector for several years, not only in Germany, but also in Asia. In this capacity, he supports the decision makers in the public sector, as well as the companies involved, to find and implement the best solutions in order to bring lasting improvement to management procedures.

“This obviously includes the technical and administrative aspects of management,” says Scharping to explain his commitment to xalution. “Digitalization is a central part of this. Only through strong digital structures will the public sector be able to work in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. That is why it is important for the right project to be matched to the appropriate professionals. Unfortunately, smaller companies aren’t getting that chance yet, even though they often offer faster and more streamlined solutions that are nonetheless based on the established standards. I would like to change that.”

xalution is pleased to have in Mr. Scharping a member of the advisory board who can actively support the further development of the business.