Even if the mass vaccination against the Corona virus is still off to a slow start, as soon as the necessary vaccination doses arrive, vaccination centers are expected to administer them in a quick and smooth way. Although most of the centers are ready in terms of construction, right now only a few are prepared for the big rush in terms of organization. This is because those in charge must keep track of the doses available, delivery dates, availability of personnel, and the distribution of appointments to different populations. We at the xalution group GmbH have been offering a solution since mid-December 2020: “The Digital Vaccination Center”.

This involves a streamlined, modular digital solution to process and track every procedure in a vaccination center, e.g. appointment distribution dependent on available doses, stock management, and documentation and monitoring of vaccination procedures.

According to our CEO Tobias Endl, once the order for this solution has been placed, it can be operational within two weeks. “This is possible on the one hand thanks to our software’s established Microsoft base, and on the other to our extensive professional expertise, especially when it comes to integrating smooth logistical processes, including those in the Health Care industry.”

The “Digital Vaccination Center” includes following task modules

  • Appointment Planning and Distribution through an app – dependent on the amount of available vaccination doses
  • Documentation of the vaccination process
  • Patient Information and Vaccination History
  • Personnel Planning
  • Medication Management
  • Document Management
  • Monitoring Cockpit for Communication and Budget Management
  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Reporting System

All modules comply with established Microsoft standards, the high C5 data safety standards, and the GDPR data protection regulations.

Alternatively All-in-One solution or modular structure

Thanks to the modular structure available of the software, municipalities and cities that want to implement the “Digital Vaccination Center” can choose either xalution’s all-in-one package or single modules to complement an existing solution. The All-in-One package can be ordered as a complete, end-to-end solution. xalution also offers hardware like notebooks and tablets as an option to complement the necessary equipment.

One of the great advantages for the user is a flat price, which allows an exact budget planning. Another advantage is the long-time established and proven Microsoft base. We intentionally decided against using individual programming since it takes significantly more time and we know from experience that during the initial operation phase it tends to be prone to errors. So xalution enables a faster start and is often more user-friendly than other solutions.

Endl promises: “Those municipalities and cities whose vaccination centers run digitally are ensuring a fast, effective, and safe vaccination process over the short and longer term. Those in charge can rest easy even when dealing with large numbers. Things running smoothly at the vaccination centers will also increase the public’s sense of trust, which can ultimately have a positive influence on people’s willingness to get the shot.”

What counts in the end is to face this challenge together and live up to our responsibility towards our fellow human beings.

Would you like more information about our digital vaccination center? Let’s talk! Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or directly via mail: impfzentrum@xalution.com