Good news is coming from the Nuremberg wine market these days: xalution has seen strong growth in the past business year, which was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The company reported an increase in turnover of between 10 and 15 percent this year, which is why xalution is currently expanding its premises.

In the words of Managing Director Tobias Endl, “In the next few weeks, xalution will add several new employees to our team in the fields of software development and consulting, for which our current premises would not have been sufficient. However, since we want to remain loyal to Nuremberg, we are very happy that our new office is not only located at Weinmarkt but even in the same building”. Endl is attached to the Franconian metropolis both because of its long history as a hub of international trade, which today is one of the core activities of xalution GmbH, and because of its geographical proximity to the company’s other European branches.

Growth at all locations, expansion in Poland planned

For the inofficial inauguration of the new premises at the beginning of September 2021, xalution advisory board member Rudolf Scharping, who has been supporting the company since the beginning of the year as an expert for public services and healthcare, came from Frankfurt for a flying visit.  xalution has not only seen growth in Germany, but also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland. And in Warsaw/Poland, the expansion of the local branch is planned.

xalution sees several reasons for entrepreneurial growth. As Endl further comments, “Our market has recovered rapidly after a short period of shock at the beginning of the pandemic – and is now clearly benefiting from the events of the last few months. The retail sector has been shaken up,

the first to become active are the big brand companies, which want to further extend their digital lead. But also sectors that generally have a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitalising their organisational structure are now also contacting us. This includes, for example, the public sector or healthcare.”

Mobile working requires cloud-based solutions

The willingness to invest can generally be seen in many companies, says Endl. He adds that especially large retail companies in particular are currently restructuring on a grand scale, and that the omnichannel strategy of serving the customer equally well at various points of contact has been rapidly gaining momentum since the lockdowns, but that this requires well-functioning digital services.

Another trend observed is that entrepreneurs now seem increasingly willing to move their IT environment to the cloud. In fact, in a study, last summer, 78 percent of IT decision-makers surveyed agreed that the shift to remote working will accelerate the move to cloud applications. Cloud-based software solutions are one of the key enablers of mobile working in distributed locations and from mobile devices. However, as outdated software systems do not support cloud functionalities, the need for the implementation of modern solutions will consequently increase in the future. As a result, xalution GmbH expects double-digit growth for the coming business year as well.

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