FOCUS Business and Kununu have spoken. We say a big thank you to the whole xalution team! For the second time in a row we have been listed among FOCUS Top Arbeitgeber Mittelstand (top employer for medium-sized companies). Want to know the reason and how our clients benefit? Read on!

“Work like that is fun and makes you happy!” “Here you experience unity and communication.” Those are only two sample statements from employees on the xalution team. These and many others, together with a hundred-percent recommendation rate, have afforded us a 4.9 out of 5 rating stars. There you have black-and-white proof of what distinguishes a “top employer for medium-sized companies 2021.”

A brief overview of the FOCUS “Top employer for medium-sized companies” Business Ranking

• Yearly Ranking, held for the fourth time on 2020
• The initiators are the magazine FOCUS and the internet platform
• 950,000 companies were evaluated this year
• It is based on an analysis of approximately four million comments and ratings provided by employees on portals and company profiles, such as the employer rating platform Kununu

No momentary snapshot

“I am very pleased that the good working environment at our company isn’t just a momentary snapshot, but a permanent state we all benefit from,” says xalution CEO Tobias Endl.

“By that we don’t only mean harmonious and relaxed interactions with each other, but the fact that we try to see and develop the strong suits of all employees, sometimes even by developing their own new area of competence. That way everyone feels appreciated and motivated. That resonates with our clients as well.”

Three Success Factors for a Happy Team

“At xalution, employees are managed in a style characterized by recognition, a strong spirit, and collegiality,” says Julianna Kiss, in charge of marketing at xalution. “Here results are achieved more quickly than in other places because everyone supports everyone else.”

She can attest to the xalution team’s distinctive musketeer mentality and describes three success factors for the excellent rating results:

  • Respect–every area of competence and every age is valued. Every task is approached in a solution-oriented way.
  • Honesty–open communication with every employee and every client, consideration for the private life of others and their particular circumstances
  • Fairness–a family-like working environment, a considerate attitude towards others, and mutual understanding strengthens everyone’s sense of trust

xalution clients benefit from the employees’ high levels of satisfaction through

  • faster and sometimes more innovative approaches to finding solutions
  • having permanent contact persons, which equals
  • to having a vast well of experience – not only across departments but even across industries, because every employee can contribute their know-how to every project.

“We try to follow the New Work concept,”

says Tobias Endl to summarize, “That’s why all managers see themselves as having the role of a sparring partner and someone who offers feedback to our employees. I take on the role of steersman, as CEO, and keep an eye on indicating and following the right course, as well as coordinating the work. I also like having fluid, flexible teams that can be configured anew depending on the clients’ needs or the phase of a project.”