With its strong cooperation with the Prague University of Economics and Business, Technical University in Prague and Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm xalution is not only connected to the Science and Technology Studies but offers also an excellent internship and working student programs that combine theory and practice and opens more than one door for participants. Today our working student Adrian will share his experience with you…

“The corporate culture is characterized by open communication”
Hello Adrian! You are studying Business Informatics at the Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm in Nuremberg and are already with xalution for one year now. How do you manage to balance your studies and your job?
I manage it by working less in exam periods due to the flexible working hours at xalution and by being able to adapt my work to the challenges and the course of my studies.

Did you immediately know what you wanted to do after school?
No, honestly not. I tried out other jobs before and finally ended up in consulting. Here my interests in IT and process optimization come together and will be combined in a diversified job.

Describe your job in three words.
Research – Prototype – Evaluation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
What I like about my job is the opportunity to meet new challenges again and again. There are always new topics in the IT environment that you have to read up on and then find a solution. You also have the chance to work in different areas at xalution, so you can get an insight into the consulting area as well as the development work.

How would you describe the corporate culture of xalution?
The corporate culture is characterized by open communication, friendly cooperation, an easy-going atmosphere and flat hierarchies. Everyone can be approached at any time.

What are your plans regarding your career? Can you imagine staying in this environment?
After my studies, I would like to join xalution as a Business Consultant, as the content from my business informatics studies can be put into practice. The job prospects are very good, since remote working from anywhere is possible and the consulting industry is booming, because many companies are pushing digitalization in the company.

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