The competence certificate “Cloud Business Applications–Unified Operations” from Microsoft is one of the most prestigious competencies in the area of Microsoft Business Applications such as ERP and CRM systems. With this certificate, the xalution team has once more proven its expertise in the newest developments.

The xalution consultants and developers have successfully passed the examinations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in areas such as finance, supply chain management, retail, and manufacturing required for the gold competence in cloud business applications. This makes them part of the unique 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide who have reached Gold-Status. Microsoft Gold Partners are not companies in the strictest sense, but rather individuals, all of them specialists in their area. In both the technical and business sectors Microsoft certifies, with this award, the industry-leading competence and the extraordinary commitment of its partners.

“This certification ensures that our xalution consultants have the extensive knowledge and competence needed for the fashion and logistics industries, for instance. Gold competences are only awarded to partners capable of proving constant excellence and extraordinary commitment. The company, however, must also demonstrate a stable and sustainable financial situation,” says Tobias Endl, xalution group CEO and continues to explain, “Through current and specific Dynamics 365 product knowledge combined with many years of experience in the industries and a successful business development, xalution plays a significant role in the successful implementation of D365 solutions for our clients.”


Besides the technical aspects within the business applications, for this certification Microsoft also considers important the use of additional services from the technology company with Azure and the Power Platform. It goes without saying that xalution also covers these technologies and helps its clients to use them and integrate them into their work processes. That’s a way to drive digitalization forward into every business area in a faster, more flexible, and especially, a more stable way. For example, by developing Power Apps to solve individual tasks and integrating them into the Microsoft business applications already running.

With the new competences program Microsoft is ensuring customers a successful delivery of leading Cloud Business Applications and related services through certified partners, as well as offering companies the possibility to better differentiate themselves when selecting future implementation partners. The yearly recertification process ensures that the know-how of xalution’s software consultants and developers is always up to date.