It was a big project that our Czech colleagues implemented at SPORTISIMO–one of Europe’s leading sport goods retailers– in almost record time. How do you integrate a new ERP system in 180 stores simultaneously and smoothly? We are happy to show you.

The task: To replace the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications with Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations, as well as some supplementary xalution add-ons for optimal product and supplier management.

Our xalution branch in Prague was in charge of implementing this project. With their vast know-how in the retail and fashion industries, and their understanding of the task at hand, the branch had been able to convince the SPORTISIMO project manager.

This is what convinced SPORTISIMO CEO Pavel Vajskebr,

“At xalution we met real retail specialists familiar with the ins and outs of processes specific to the retail sector, and who know what is important to us. That was the decisive point in our cooperation. I’m glad that this initial conviction was confirmed both during the implementation process and after the Go-Live!”

On July 1st, 183 stores with more than 500 cashiers in five European countries went live simultaneously–in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. This way SPORTISIMO—one of the leading seller of sports goods in the Czech Republic—is bundling all its data into one Microsoft Data base. All processes will run through this database, making them much quicker. This will result in more flexibility in management decision making.

xalution Fashion Add-Ons at SPORTISIMO

We have shown that fashion and retail really are our thing, not only in our understanding of the processes, but also through the special add-ons that we have been developing for years now to supplement the Microsoft solutions. They enable the system to adapt perfectly to the needs of each particular user while also allowing him the use of Best Practices.

Processes are the order of the day, especially in the fashion industry, whose processes deviate significantly from the standard ones in retail and therefore require other management and logistics solutions. An example would be the season and collection planning.

Implemented at SPORTISIMO:

  • x4fashion suite–Support for industry-specific processes and Best Practices mapping, from master data management, planning and acquisition processes to omni-channel product distribution and sales
  • x4finance–for easier and automatic task processing in the areas of finance and communication with banks

The advantage of the new integrated solution for SPORTISIMO

As of now, all employees, whether at a store or in the company’s headquarters, are doing cloud-based work. Through the cloud solution the foundation for SPORTISIMO’s further growth has been laid. All processes have become faster and management benefits from maximum transparency across all processes.

The base and platform for all software systems implemented at SPORTISIMO is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & ERP solution–a solid and reliable foundation that offers the possibility to integrate additional business solutions in the future quickly and easily. This way new business areas can be added and new services offered quickly.


SPORTISIMO s.r.o. is a retail company that’s been selling sports goods, tennis shoes, and sports clothes since 1999. Originally founded in the Czech Republic, the company is already active in five different Central European countries with over 180 stores. Additionally, it offers the e-shop throughout Europe. Their offer includes all equipment for the most popular sports. Besides big brands, they complement their portfolio with their own brands and products from local suppliers. Starting in 2010 and until today, SPORTISIMO has been chosen five times as retailer of the year in the customer survey “MasterCard Obchodník roku.“

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