xalution delivers the perfectly customized solution for your sector.

Xalution offers you a perfectly customized solution for each sector, whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, a medium-sized company, or an internationally active player.

Fashion & Sport

Keep Complete Control

Our x4fashion solution offers companies in the fashion and sport attire industries constant access and control over every process and distribution channel in real time.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, a medium-sized company or an internationally active player–with the x4fashion suite you have the whole supply chain under control.

Key Benefits for the Fashion & Sports Industry

  • „Next Level“ of business success thanks to perfectly tailored business processes
  • Future-oriented, and industry-specific solutionfor tomorrow’s challenges.
  • More agility and productivity, plus shorter time-to-market periods.
  • Better customer journey and higher customer loyalty thanks to an efficient use of data and comprehensive omni-channel planning.
  • The Out-of-the-Box-functionality: no extensive back-end configuration, shorter implementation cycles, and a faster ROI
  • Higher inventory turnover rate thanks to more accurate projections and automation of scheduling and inventory management
  • Higher sales per surface and channel thanks to intelligent AI

Supply Chain

A Flexible Supply Chain Anticipates Failures

Modernize your supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365–from order processing through material procurement to logistics.

Our flexible and expandable solution offers advanced warehousing and inventory management perfectly customized for the logistics industry.

Key Benefits for Logistics Companies

  • Interconnected and reliable supply chain to ensure business continuity and reducing costs
  • Optimal inventory transparency through real-time inventory overviewacross all channels
  • Simpler procurement processes thanks to automation of scheduling and inventory management
  • Higher inventory turnover rate thanks to more accurate projections
  • Faster product market maturity thanks to faster reactions to problems and changes
  • AI-supported demand projections and on-time delivery thanks to real-time planning
  • Improvement in automation of inventory and logistics through predictive analytics
  • Intelligent manufacturing processes thanks to predictive technologies, IoT, and Mixed Reality: they improve output, quality, and delivery and they reduce costs
  • Preventive maintenance for maximal useful life cycle of machines, reduced equipment downtime, and better general OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Process and function-related out-of-the-box dialogs (MDC = mobile data collection) without individual programming
  • Automatic generation of tasks; reduce the administrative effort (warehouse)
  • Intelligent replenishment thanks to replenishment scenarios
  • Supply, distribution, and purchasing plans reflect real conditions.
  • Market demand forecasting based on machine learning algorithms

Retail & Wholesale

Create perfect customer experiences

With our solution, companies in the wholesale and retail sectors can have a customized environment to consistently provide personalized and seamless shopping experiences for their customers.

Create a customer journey as effective as possible and keep track of all touch points.

Key Benefits for Retail & Wholesale

  • A more modern retail experience thanks to user-friendly applications
  • Personalized and seamless retail experiences with integrated back-office procedure
  • Consistent Customer interaction over all online and offline channels (seamless shopping)
  • Better customer journey and customer retention thanks to efficient use of data
  • Transformation of the distribution processes thanks to AI-controlled tools, an improved customer experience and ROI
  • Complete customer overview thanks to a unified and cross-channel e-commerce solution

Showcase unified commerce in a grand style!
Unify back-office, in-store, call-center, and e-commerce experiences to personalize customer interactions, increase employee productivity, and optimize store operations.

Integrated and Unified:

  • Native support for omni-channel shopping
  • Fast development and improvement of business experiences
  • Single view of customers on all channels

Operational Flexibility:

  • Fast scalability thanks to flexible store solution
  • Modern retail tools to support employees
  • Centralized management of retail procedures


  • Comprehensive customer information; personalized and automated recommendations
  • More conversion thanks to intelligent product searches
  • Fast order processing thanks to intelligently distributed order management

Public Sector

The Journey towards the digital transformation in the government agency environment

xalution supports progress in the public management sector by providing advanced technological solutions and the necessary enthusiasm for innovation. We can free your organization from time-consuming repetitive tasks and slow and inflexible bureaucratic procedures.

What does the future of digital technology in the public sector look like?

It is hard to imagine even the public sector without a digital transformation. An increasing number of citizens is accessing agency services online, because they are available at any time and easy to use. The current 2020 eGovernment-Benchmark Report shows the extent to which management in public agencies in Europe use public digital services.

It is necessary to continue accelerating this development to keep up with advancing technologies and the growing demands of citizens. You can reach the top and position yourself at the helm of digitalization with xalution!

Closer to citizens – more service

You aspire to see your citizens as customers and offer them the best service. You consider comfortable and reliable services a matter of course and want to offer state-of-the-art technology without compromising on reliability and safety.

We give you the capability to make internal processes and services for citizens more efficient and modern while always staying prepared for the future.

How do you see your organization today and in the future, and what do you aspire to? Do you want to keep up and work on real interaction with citizens?

Xalution’s agile vision of the existing structures and an efficiency-driven approach gets you to your goal faster:

  • Optimal Work Processes
  • Clear responsibility designation
  • Higher flexibility
  • Modern communication and interaction
  • Mobile applications for field service activities
  • Efficient cooperation using collaboration technologies
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Standardized and necessity-based reporting system


The best way to face the pressure of costs and budgets, the demands imposed by legal requirements, and the expectations from citizens is to have us as your partner.

Support your employees in their daily tasks with customized solutions:

  • Classic management solutions
  • Specific area-related requirements
  • Reporting and Invoicing
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Safety, Education, and Child-rearing
  • Health Care

We always rely on existing solutions and the know-how we’ve gathered in the private sector.

“Only through strong digital structures will the public sector be able to work in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. That is why it is important for the right project to be matched to the appropriate professionals. Unfortunately, smaller companies aren’t getting that chance yet, even though they often offer faster and more streamlined solutions that are nonetheless based on the established standards. I would like to change that.”

Rudolf Scharping, Member of the xalution advisory board

Medical & Health

Reimagine Health Care!

We offer companies and organizations in the medical & health industry solutions that enable a constant monitoring of processes and procedures and to keep track of every step at any moment.

Digital transformation is the first step towards a more efficient, first-class health care. Have you already set up the first projects or are you still trying to decide? How do you plan to approach the inevitable modernization and how do you get measurable results?

Key Benefits for Medical & Health

  • Communicate and interact in a timely fashionwith your employees and patients.
  • Automate recurring tasks to simplify your management volume.
  • Optimize your use of resources and be proactive thanks to monitoring.
  • Generate a standardized and necessity-based reporting
  • All-in-one-solution: Avoid system and media breaches by using our fully integrated software solution.
  • Connect third-party systems and use mobile applications.
  • Fulfill the highest expectation with integrated quality and certification management.
  • Manage your products using product features like dimensions, and charge and series numbers, which you can define according to your preferences.
  • Manage your service contracts with transparency using our module to perform maintenance and repairs according to schedule.

Possible Applications

For medical facilities and patient care:

  • Keep all relevant information about the patient at a glance through optimized 360° patient care.
  • Support your employees who care for patients either on a stationary or on a mobile-basis.
  • Design your treatment plans to be proactive and effective.
  • Predictive treatment and case data management
  • Strengthen care paths and interconnect your teams.
  • Centralize documentation and protocol generation.
  • Keep track of medication management.
  • Automate medication and material disposal.
  • Optimize inventory and logistics processes along with procurement processes by using all the possibilities that our supply chain solution offers.
  • Organize your office hours and appointments efficiently, e.g., offer patients the possibility to plan their own appointments through an online portal.

For Health Care Partners:

  • Support your distribution department with assessments, e-commerce, CRM, and mobile applications for field service activities.
  • Optimize inventory and logistics processes along with procurement processes by using all the possibilities that our supply chain solution offers, including location benchmark, appointment, and supply chain planning.
  • Support Your Finance and Controlling departments digitally regarding intercompany billing, payroll, or fixed assets management.
  • Create a comprehensive and reliable pharmacy analysis, support, and supply.
  • Map sales and contracting, sub-contracting, as well as consulting and event management in a transparent way.

Data Safety

Our solutions meet the DSGVO and GPDR data safety guidelines. Earn your patients’ trust with high data safety standards (C5 requirements BSI/encrypted data storage within the Federal Republic of Germany)

Make the most of our numerous standard solutions and our cross-industry know-how. We use it along with our experience of many years to create measurable added value for you.

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