Digital Transformation, Metaverse, and Commerce:
A Conversation with Dr. Frederike Fritzsche

During our x4in summit 2023, we had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Dr. Frederike Fritzsche, Tech Ambassador at Otto GmbH. Dr. Fritzsche, who both brings OTTO’s tech topics to the public and analyzes which tech trends might be of interest to OTTO in return, shared interesting perspectives on digital transformation and its impacts on the working world with us.

The conversation included, among other things, the changing job world through digitalization and how these changes are manifesting at Otto but also about the mega-trend of Metaverse in commerce and its potential to completely redesign the interaction between companies and customers.

We talked about the great potential and the promising new opportunities for companies to innovatively present products with the help of new technologies and to interact with customers in a new way, even though it seems obvious that key technologies need to be further developed to enable widespread application while acting ethically.

It was equally exciting to learn how Otto is already using AI to promote operational efficiency and sustainability, while simultaneously maintaining ethical standards, for example by checking product images for inappropriate content.

Dear Dr. Fritzsche, thank you very much for the very pleasant and enlightening conversation.

You can see the full conversation in the video (German language):