Microsoft Dynamics 365 has released its latest update, version 10.0.33 (May), with new features and enhancements across multiple areas. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the updates in Commerce, Finance, and Supply Chain Management.

Basic Information:

General availability of release (self-update): Apil 2023
General availability of release (auto-update): April 2023
Build number: 10.0.1549

Commerce Updates:

  • Geolocation: The new update includes changes to geolocation targeting. Commerce now supports resolving external geolocation providers in the first request, which can be enabled by filing a support ticket with Microsoft.
  • Orders: Commerce now allows the creation of asynchronous customer orders in real time and fallback to batch processing if real time fails. This feature can be enabled in the point of sale (POS) functionality profile.
  • Orders: The new update enables on behalf of ordering (OBO) for B2B account managers to sign in to the B2B e-commerce website on behalf of the buyers they work with.
  • POS: The update adds the ability to hide and show the title bar in the Store Commerce app for Windows with the Alt-Enter keyboard shortcut.

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Finance Updates:

  • Additional languages available: The new update includes eleven additional languages for user selection in the preferred language list.
  • Localized preferences: The localized preferences feature enables users to select their preferred language.
  • Globalization: The update adds the Withholding tax button to the Purchase order and Vendor invoice pages, enabling temporary withholding tax transactions to be calculated and shown in these transactions.
  • General ledger: The update allows users to view the Original document and Original document date values on the Ledger settlement page, which will be updated for opening balances for the ledger settlement main accounts that are defined to keep details during the year-end close process.
  • Financial tags integration with the Ledger settlements automated process: This feature allows users to select financial tags as match criteria for the Ledger settlements automated process.
  • Financial tags: The update adds financial tags to more journals and documents, including the Vendor payment journal and Customer payment journal.

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Supply Chain Management Updates:

  • Inventory and Logistics: The update allows the assignment of shipments to related route segments, improving the accuracy of freight cost apportionment for shipments managed using the Transportation management (TMS) module.
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  • Inventory and Logistics: The update allows the creation and updating of containers in batch processing mode, allowing users to manage shipping containers more efficiently.
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  • Inventory and Logistics: The update allows the splitting of cost type codes for multiple voyages in the vendor invoice journal, empowering businesses to more effectively distribute transportation expenses linked to various voyages.
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  • Inventory and Logistics: The update includes Inventory Visibility integration with soft reservation on sales order lines, enabling reservations in Inventory Visibility to be automatically created and updated when sales orders are created or updated.
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  • Sales and Marketing: The update integrates Sales Quotation lifecycle with Dynamics 365 Sales, changing the way sales quotations in Dynamics 365 Sales integrate with sales quotations in Supply Chain Management over dual-write.
  • Master Planning: The update now provides process manufacturing support for Planning Optimization, enabling the creation of planned orders for formulas, co-products, and by-products when Planning Optimization is used, thereby supporting process manufacturing industries and the sequencing of production jobs.

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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 10.0.33 (May) release brings significant updates to the Commerce, Finance, and Supply Chain Management areas. These updates offer new features and enhancements that can empower businesses to manage their operations more efficiently and accurately. From geolocation targeting to OBO functionality, the Commerce updates offer several ways to streamline the customer ordering process. In the Finance updates, the addition of financial tags to more journals and documents and the Withholding tax button in Purchase order and Vendor invoice pages will provide more visibility and accuracy in financial transactions. Finally, the Supply Chain Management updates include features that will help businesses better manage their shipments.

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