We are on board: MS Modern Business Applications Consultant Programme

We have been delivering top results for our clients for many years now. An important prerequisite for this is top know-how on the part of our team. Fortunately, we have a lot of inquisitive team members on board who are always happy to continue their education. For example, within the framework of the Microsoft programme to become a “Modern Business Applications Consultant”.

Together with our partner Microsoft, we are offering our colleagues the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in the areas of Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Customer Engagement and Microsoft Finance & Supply Chain.

It is a highly intensive training programme that not only leads to certification, but also promises our customers that the graduates will bring the latest Microsoft knowledge to their projects.

This is important because the Microsoft ecosystem is constantly growing. Accordingly, the knowledge about the offer and the numerous possibilities that are associated with it for user companies must also be constantly expanded.

And that is quite a lot, because anyone who offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, CRM and the Microsoft Power Platform, like xalution, must be familiar with all the solutions it contains. Be it for sales, marketing, service, operations, finance, trade, e-commerce and supply chain management.

5 components make up the training

Those who want to go through the programme can choose from several tracks or main topics. Among other things, the focal points consist of

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE/CRM)
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O/ERP)
  • Microsoft Power Platform

For six months, participants then invest around eight hours every week in streams, hybrid workshops and their own projects. This is because the Microsoft Modern Business Consultant must not only understand the applications, but also configure them and create suitable consulting concepts.

The programme focuses equally on technology, tools and methodologies, which are taught in the modules Training, Community, Mentoring, Demo Excellence and Certification. At the end of the programme, participants should be able to better support companies in their digital transformation.

Two xalution employees recently certified

The participants are trained and coached by highly motivated Microsoft employees or Microsoft partners and learn together with other participants in interdisciplinary teams. At the end, there is the certification, which proves in cold print the comprehensive Microsoft knowledge and the outstanding commitment of the graduates.

Just recently, two xalution employees successfully completed the programme and graduated with a certificate. And in addition, there are two more xalution team members already waiting in the wings to participate in the programme.

This is what commitment and real passion for what you do looks like!