Last year saw a disruptive change at a pace and scale we couldn’t have imagined before. But it was also the year that many retailers embraced digitization like never before.

Strong partnerships can put wind in the sails of any retailer. Microsoft Cloud for Retail gives retailers the flexibility to adapt the capabilities they need to meet their most pressing business needs and supports them in strengthening their customer relationships. It enables the entire shopper journey to be connected with integrated and intelligent capabilities, bringing together various data sources across the retail value chain. Retailers can thus enrich their core business processes and transform data into actionable insights – whether to better know customers, empower employees, build resilient supply chains, or reimagine retail.

Create personalized shopping experiences

Shopper journeys are conditioned by the customer and must be able to adapt as needed. Personalization with Microsoft Cloud for Retail offers retailers entirely new ways to create customized intelligent shopping experiences for customers that increase conversion, build lasting customer loyalty, and increase profit margins.

Attracting interest and attention to your product or service is the beginning of the shopper journey. Using the right digital marketing channels with the right solution is crucial to attract new customers, but also to retain customer loyalty in the long run.

Show how well you know your customers

For this, online sales managers need to understand their customers’ search behavior and activate the most relevant recommendations. This way, customers always find what they are looking for. With Microsoft Cloud for Retail, search results in online stores of retail companies can be tailored to seasonality, customer location, and past shopping behavior. Microsoft Cloud for Retail does this by leveraging real-time data and AI to uniquely provide intelligent recommendations based on both user behavior and real-time interactions. It provides you with personalized and relevant information with which you can increase your operational excellence and achieve sustainable profitability.

Offer your customers a unique shopping experience that delivers relevant, personalized results through intelligent recommendations and product search. This allows you to meet them individually while increasing conversion by helping them find what they want.

How well do you know your customers? We support you in getting to know them better.