Cloud, AI, and the Digital Future: A Conversation with Miriam Nasser

At this year’s x4in summit 2023, we had the chance to interview Miriam Nasser in her then-role as Senior Program Manager for Global Cloud Expansion at Microsoft.

The discussion revolved around the relevance of platform choices, the need to dissolve data silos in businesses, and Germany’s position in the context of digitalization. We also talked about the role of AI in the future technology landscape and the associated challenges and opportunities for businesses and authorities in this context.

Interview with Miriam Nasser (German language):

Excerpts from the interview (you can see the complete conversation in the video above):

Dissolution of Data Silos through Integrated Platforms

Ms. Nasser emphasizes the strategic relevance of the cloud and platform decisions. Her clear recommendation: Businesses should focus on holistic platforms that enable seamless collaboration between different departments or even ministries.

Germany in the Digitalization Dilemma: Security vs. Progress

Despite high security standards and legal requirements, Germany is only in the middle of the pack in a European comparison. Ms. Nasser sees the high-security requirements as both an advantage and an obstacle: they ensure high protection but at the same time make it difficult to introduce new digital solutions.

Modernization of Government IT Infrastructures

Nasser appeals to authorities to overhaul outdated IT systems and incorporate more agility into their decision-making. Only then can they keep pace with the rapid developments in the IT world.

AI as a Crucial Factor for the Future

As another central topic, Nasser highlights the role of Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the context of cloud platforms. She sees AI as the future of autonomous decision-making and emphasizes the importance of a risk-based approach for effective risk management.

Practical Tip for Businesses

Nasser advises businesses to make platform decisions holistically and to have an overall view of all business processes. Identifying overlaps in processes and consolidating the required data are the keys to making the best possible decisions. You can find the complete interview in the video above.

Dear Ms. Nasser, thank you very much for the very kind and informative conversation.