Welcome on board. xalution is taking another retail expert on board–with immediate effect, Andreas Oerter will be supporting the management team surrounding founders and CEO’s Tobias Endl, Tomáš Palyza, and Eike Fischer.

Press Release

Oerter is considered an e-commerce as well as a diversification strategy expert in the wholesale and retail industry with wide expertise in the fashion and textile environments and many years of international experience. He has held various senior management positions in renowned companies like Kaufhof, Metro Group Buying, Adler Modemärkte, Drogeriemarkt Müller, Metro Cash & Carry, and Mediamarkt-Saturn.

xalution CEO Tobias Endl expects the cooperation to provide important ideas that will enable an even more precise consulting for existing clients, as well as for the expansion of xalution’s business with new clients in the ERP environment.

“At the moment, we’re one of the biggest Microsoft ERP partners in Europe with a focus on the fashion and sport industry,” says Endl. “We know the market and which applications are needed, but with Andreas Oerter we would like to continue expanding our industry specialization in a more targeted way and take it to a new level.”

Oerter has been complementing the xalution Advisory Board since 2020 and will be working closely with the chair Wolfgang Lux, hired in 2019 to oversee Business Development in the xalution group. .