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New robotic systems serving as assistants – our developer Zoia was once again on the road to keep us up-to-date. This time she attended an event of the Nuernberg Robotics & Automation Meetup.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Franke from the Chair in Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) at the #FAU Nuernberg talked about basics and amazing things as e.g.

  • Robot systems for innovative missions in the industrial environment
  • Service robot applications in medicine and nursing as well as in private life
  • Current research projects at the chair FAPS

So cool: Franke brought three #robots for a live demo:


  • #Pepper – looks like a human, has cameras in his eyes and turns his head depending on who is speaking. He can answer questions (with small delay), is using Google search system and voice analyzers, dances and moves around. Pepper can be used as assistant in very different fields.
    > Meet Pepper on YouTube 
  • #Cat – looks like a cat and purrs when you touch her. The robotic cat is used for entertaining and curing old people as well as children with autism and other communication problems
    > Meet the robotic cat on YouTube
  • #NAO – 60 cm tall humanoid robot moving like a real human being.
    > Meet #NAO on YouTube
Conclusion: It will probably not be long before robots find their way into retail stores and warehouses, where they can help with carrying and picking.
>Here you may find more events of that kind
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