Right at the beginning of the year, xalution broadens its range: the experienced provider of consulting and IT services welcomes Rudolf Scharping, a long-time expert in the business sectors of public services and healthcare. From now on, he is part of the top-class advisory board of xalution. He joins Wolfgang Lux and Andreas Oerter, both of them renowned experts in the fields of commerce, e-commerce, and supply chain.

As former Minster of Defence and Prime Minister of the state of Rhineland Palatinate, Scharping has in-depth knowledge of procedures, strategies and working methods within various authorities. Making use of this knowledge, xalution’s managing director Tobias Endl hopes to achieve an even better understanding of the public sector: “When it comes to digitalization in the public administration, Germany lags far behind other European countries. A recent Cap Gemini study, commissioned by the European Union, gives proof of that. We’d like to help improve this situation. Our excellent qualification in process and IT services enables us to implement regional digitalization projects in an efficient way.”

Helpful knowledge in the conduct of public tasks

Rudolf Scharping knows about these issues. For several years, he has advised private enterprises not only in Germany, but also in Asia. In this position he helps the decision-making bodies of the public sector as well as the involved enterprises to find and implement the best possible solutions – in order to improve the administrative performance in a sustainable way.

“This involves the technical and administrative organization of the activities in the public sector“, Scharping states with regard to his involvement in xalution. “Digitalization is a main factor because the public sector can only become more efficient and cost-effective on the basis of digital structures. Hence it is important to cooperate with companies which best suit the specific project in question. Unfortunately, smaller enterprises are not yet approprietly considered for many of these projects, even though they often provide better solutions which are fast and streamlined while based on established standards. I’d like to change that.”

xalution is happy to have won Mr. Scharping as a new member of the advisory board who will be supportive in further business development.

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