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He is always ready, a real team player and resourceful – the perfect scout. Xalution CEO Tobias Endl is one too and knows about the qualities of pathfinders. As those are daily needed in IT project management and future talents already today short in supply, we are providing our potential future junior staff with sponsorship support. This time it was a brand new XXL tent fort he Kreisjugendring Neumarkt. Sukkah was yesterday!

This year, the Kreisjugendring (KJR) Neumarkt is celebrating ist 70th anniversary. Under his umbrella various youth organizations and associations as e.g. scouts, shooting clubs, youth houses, water watch and many more are coming regularly as a working group together acting facing the needs of all children and young people of the district.

The 2019 Jubilee is associated with a wish list listing all the things needed to sustain large events such as parties or camps. At the top of the list are five XXL tents, where the children and teenagers can sleep safely and dry during their holiday camps. Now, the first of these has already been removed from the list, because xalution has donated tent number one: a LANCO tent SG 30 worth around 2,600 euros. It is now part of the KJR “rental pool” so that it all affiliated clubs may borrow it from now on for their camps.

Donation is an investment in the future

Tobias says: “As a company that is acting in a highly dynamic market, we are depending on junior staff who are flexible, able to work in a team and who are already endowed with certain organizational skills. The donation is therefore a good investment in the future of German entrepreneurship.”

Because organizing a club festival or camp is nothing but mere project management in its purest form as the planning and implementation require the interaction of different actors – from purchasing to cooking, firewood search, fire making, tent construction, material maintenance and repairs up to the organization of the evening program and the night watch.

“During a holiday camp we need a lot of teamwork and reliability as well as mutual trust,”Tobias continues. “It’s great to practice and learn at a young age. Later, you can integrate these skills into your daily work routine – and xalution is trying to live this philosophy as well in order to ensure a cooperative partnership with each other and with our customers“.

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