Don’t find fault. Find a remedy. That is what Henry Ford felt about improving products. And that is why we put the clear focus during our last team meeting in Prague on new tools and useful innovations for our customers.

It was a meeting where xalution employees from the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland came together to brainstorm, network and exchange ideas. And above all: to discuss a future-proof and implementable digitalization strategy and practical usage of the Microsoft Azure integration platform.

Because today, besides the classical and core enterprise processes, the fast and also changing requirements of business driven innovation have to be covered by software solutions. And although it is not always clear which solution fits best to the customers requirements ensuring a maximum benefit, some rules can be defined. Rules that make it easier for both, customers and xalution consulant, to find the best suitable solution.

In the course of the conference it turned out that identifying accelerators in the digital transformation process is an important challenge that xalution consultants usually master through their experience, their knowledge about specific industry standards as well as constant exchanges with collegues.

Main Learnings

As a result of various intensive workshops and sessions we found out that

  • New methods can be used or can be created. In the decade of agility, also other methodologies have to be considered and may be developed to provide the best results for our customers
  • Studies and a lot of reading are important – but the personal exchange and the documentated lessons learned whithin our projectmethodology x4sip (xalution for success in projects) are equally important
  • Working as a team creates a common understanding of the methodology – and the motivation to use and improve it continuously

It also turned out that test management and documentation tools are rather often underrated success factors for projects. For this reason, the participants discussed the possible impacts a poor implementation of these issues could have as well as possible optimization options. – always based on the xalution methodology to constantly contribute our experience to ongoing projects.

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