Howgh – FOCUS Business Magazine and the employer internet portal Kununu have spoken. And we are thanking the whole xalution team! Another time in a row we were included in the FOCUS Business Ranking „Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses“. The reason why and what our customers are getting out of it we will tell you now!

„This is how work is making fun and happy“, „This is how cohesion and exchange come to life“: These are only two examples of employee statements from the xalution team. These statements and many more, as well as a 100% recommendation rate, have earned us a total of 4.9 out of 5 rating starlets. And they show black and white what truly is setting a „Top Employer Medium-sized Businesses 2021“ apart.

FOCUS Business Ranking „Top SME Employer“ at a glance

Annual ranking, 2020 carried out for the fourth time

  • Annual ranking, 2020 carried out for the fourth time
  • Ranking based on an analysis of around four million employee comments and ratings on company profiles and portals such as the employer rating platform Kununu
  • Initiators are the FOCUS Business Magazine and the internet platform
  • 950,000 companies were investigated this year

More than a brief snapshot

„I am very happy that our good working atmosphere is not only a snapshot, but a permanent state of affairs from which we all benefit“ says xalution CEO Tobias Endl.

„But this does not only mean a harmonious and relaxed interaction with each other. It also means that we try to see and develop the strengths of each single employee. If necessary even by creating a new field of competence for them. In this way everyone feels valued and motivated. And this is also appreciated by our customers“.

Three success factors for a satisfied team

„The way xalution employees are managed is characterized by recognition as well as a strong team spirit and collegiality“, confirms Julianna Kiss, responsible for Marketing at xalution. „Results are achieved here much faster than elsewhere because everyone supports everyone else“.  

She is even seeing in the xalution team a distinctive musketeer mentality and outlines three success factors for the excellent evaluation result:

  • Respect – The team members value every field of competence and every age and tackles every task in a goal and solution-oriented manner
  • Honesty – Open communication with every employee and every customer, consideration for private life and specificsoffene Kommunikation zu jedem Mitarbeiter und jedem Kunden, Rücksichtnahme auf Privatleben und Spezifika
  • Fairness – Close family partnership and cooperation, a basic social attitude and mutual understanding are strengthening the trust of all partiesn

Customers benefit from high employee satisfaction through

  • Faster and often more innovative approaches to solutions
  • Permanent contact persons and thus also
  • Benefits from a large, grown wealth of experience, cross-departmental and even cross-industry, because every employee can contribute his or her know-how to every project.

„We try to act according to the New Work concept“

Says Tobias Endl and summarizes: „That’s why all our managers see themselves as sparring partners and impulse generators for our employees. For example, as Managing Director, I take on the role of the navigator, who is setting the course, keeps an eye on it, and coordinates the cooperation.

And I am also always trying to work with fluid, flexible teams that can be each time newly assembled according to the customer needs or project phase“.

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