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xalution offers development services for clients, to satisfy their unique software requirements. Customised functionality will be coded in addition to standard applications to expand your possibilities and not to replace them. To keep standard functionality running requires a deep understanding of software solutions and is the reason we ensure the close collaboration of development and consulting functions.

The development of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX), in particular, offers a great technological tool, with its layer model. This helps customers to be very flexible in customising the standard solution with the installation of partner apps and allowing customer specific development without losing updating capabilities. Our developers are very experienced in Dynamics 365 as well as in all previous Dynamics AX versions and have up-to-date knowledge about its methodologies and technological aspects.

Our developers have a wide knowledge of very complex software solutions but also a lot of the special skills needed to help you, e.g. in handling mass data, performance optimization, interfaces and front-end optimization for easy control and navigation. We also offer full support to customers regarding release management and maintenance of environments. 

We are ready to customise your software – and improve your business.

Experts in agile solutions – xalution.

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