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Process consulting with xalution: Helping you find the optimal solution

The success of your company hinges upon your processes and process organisation. As a company grows and its software landscape expands, processes often become cumbersome, inflexible and hence more inefficient. Technological developments and digitalisation within the scope of Industry 4.0 make it necessary to adapt and optimise processes in order to remain competitive.

At xalution, we support you in optimising your processes and improving your company's performance.

You are the expert when it comes to your problem, resources and implementable solutions.
We are the experts when it comes to problem definition, solution finding and implementation.

In process consulting we assume the roles of:


to help you formulate
and analyse
your specific requirements yourself


between the conceptual and theoretical
ideal requirements and
the actual feasibility on location


of the solutions for your business software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP, CRM)
Cortana Intelligence
Power BI
As on-site or cloud solution

Process optimisation with xalution: Harnessing potential for improvement

With our specialists, we advise you on process optimisation in the fields of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). You profit from our focus on the following sectors:

  • retail and wholesale
  • fashion industry
  • manufacturing and process industry
  • financial services.

Our partner for CRM, ERP and BI solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP, CRM and BI in one software solution and offers additional business apps and tools such as Office 365, Cortana and Power BI for precisely coordinating your system with your processes.

Need a special solution for your business processes?
No problem!
Our experts will be happy to develop tailor-made functionalities for your CRM or ERP system.

x4sip: project management for successful process optimisation

For successful projects, we use the best methodologies. Projects are different, just like our customers, so we use our project framework x4sip - xalution for success in projects.

x4sip is used by our process consultants for every kind of project because this framework is scalable and with classic or agile project methodologies enables us to meet your requirements with great accuracy.

x4sip is used to guide the analysis, optimization and simplification of business processes, as well as software evaluation when starting a CRM / ERP / BI software implementation project.

Good reasons for making xalution your process consultant

xalution will be your strong partner in every project phase. We are specialists in ERP, CRM and BI implementation projects – as on-site and cloud solutions.

Benefit from our 

best practice know-how

Our consultants will help you to succeed in bringing your business to the next level. You will benefit substantially from our best practice know-how and motivation to transform processes together with you according to efficiency, flexibility as well as quality and legal requirements. 

Experienced process consultants for individual sectors 

To achieve these goals, we provide experienced consultants who focus on specific business areas and sectors but also have general knowledge about business processes. For the best results and an in-depth understanding of your success- and business-critical processes we provide cross-functional teams for your project.

Meeting even ad-hoc 

requirements with specialists

Ad-hoc requirements in your project can also be met through our range of specialists available on demand. In the case of very specific challenges we work together with a proven network of experts – xalution is your partner in every situation.

Experts in agile solutions – xalution.

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